During the past years, Smoked Sounds has been working on some very interesting projects with excellent musicisians. For a large part, projects have been released on the Smoked Recordings label run by Dan Tuffy.

Some examples:

Singer Songwriter Davie Lawson, Whales (2 albums)
Singer Songwriter Jeroen Kant, Holland (1 album)
World-music project Synergy from Sandip Battacharya, Holland (1 live album)
Maroccan Ud-player, composer and singer Kamal Hors (1 studio album + various live recordings and small projects)
World voyager, storyteller and singer-songwriter Carl Cleves, Australia (1 album, with 5 MusicOzz nominations in Australia)
Balkan underground band Parne Gadje, Holland (4 albums)
Singer Songwriter project Big Low, Holland / Australia (2 albums + 1 single)
Musette project Ooh La La, Holland (most of an album..)
Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Holland
Australian singer-songwriter Parissa Bouas (this collaboration won 4 Dolphin Awards)
Dan Tuffy’s country project, Australia, Holland
Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen & Han van der Vegt, poetry with music, Holland
IKKI, adventurous crossover jazz by Matsumoto ‘Santi’ Kazushi, Holland / Japan
Traditional music group Madlot, Holland
Holland Express, compositions by saxophone player Gerwil Kusters, Holland




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